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Status Certificates

A Status Certificate is vital when buying a condo. We offer it to simplify the process and help buyers with due diligence.

What Does A Status Certificate Include?

A Status Certificate can include, but is not limited to:

  • Names of property managers, directors, and officers of the corporation
  • Common expenses and upcoming payment due dates
  • Statements about the budget, including interim increases and special assessments
  • Reserve fund balance, study, contribution, and summary notice
  • Insurance details and more

Huron Shores Property Management puts your property, residents, and community first. We offer downloadable forms and hassle-free, exceptional services.

Forms Available For Download

Form 5 - Requirement For Leasing Agreement

The purpose of this form is to inform us when you rent out your condominium unit.

Preauthorized Debit Form

 The purpose of this form is to set up pre-authorized debits for your condo fees.

Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically

 The purpose of this form is to agree to receive notices electronically.

Alteration Request

 The purpose of this form is to enable suite owners to formally request changes to their unit.

Confidential Resident Information

 The purpose of this form is to collect information about yourself as a resident and emergency contact info.

Resident Information Form

The purpose of this form is to update or provide your contact and ownership information.

Elevator Request Form - ECC125

The purpose of this form is to schedule the use of the elevator for moving or delivery purposes.

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