Hot Real Estate Market driving Condominium New Builds in Windsor Essex

With the real estate market value increasing, the search for homes in Windsor Essex is hot. Particularly because our local property prices are remarkably lower compared to bigger areas, such as Toronto. With towering rates in the GTA, numerous people are looking for more affordable options. As a result, there has been a large flock of people migrating to Windsor from the province’s capital, looking to buy a house for a more reasonable price. Subsequently, the hot real estate market in the community has driven a great deal of local builders to start new condominium complexes.

Currently there are several new condominium developments in Windsor Essex that are under construction such as The Hive On Pelissier by BK Cornerstone, The Harbour Club Luxury Lakeside Condo by Petretta Construction and the new newly announced $70-milion condominium complex in the heart of LaSalle by Valente Development Corporation, among many more.

One project yet to be approved by the city is 96 condos for the Lauzon Road lot. Though many surrounding residents think 96 units is too much, the project has a good chance of being approved by the entire council as the city is under pressure to encourage development. The developer hopes to rapidly start construction after the required approvals are obtained, either late this year or early 2022.

Southwood Lakes Condos + Lofts is one of the newest announced developments. The development by BELLOCORP INC. is currently under construction and is set to finish in 2023, with sale prices for available units ranging from $389,295 to $743,125.
The costs on the more affordable side of the range are significantly lower than $669,000, the GTA’s average condo price. This price difference is surely attracting those looking to escape the bigger city’s immense cost for housing.

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