What is it like to be on a Board and why you should consider joining your Condominium’s Board of Directors

A condominium board is responsible for the physical and financial well-being of the condominium corporation. They manage the day-to-day responsibilities, maintenance and repair of assets, and fiscal responsibilities of the corporation.

Condo boards will hire a property management company to handle the daily operations of the corporation. This can lighten the load for busy board members, but the board of directors retains decision-making power and responsibility.

Boards do not represent themselves nor the management: They represent owners and should be accountable to them.  

Board members are responsible for ensuring the corporation – as well as its financial assets – are secure and well managed on behalf of all owners, future owners and residents.

Why become a Board Member?

Being a member of your condo board requires a high level of commitment for a volunteer position. Members must be self directed, diligent, and honest.

You get to take an active role in how your community is managed. This gives you a turn to address problems that have been bothering you in your community, and to have a direct say in how those problems get resolved.

What a board member does:

1. Preserve the integrity of the condo building

2. Improve the corporation’s financial health

3Give a voice to owners who feel underserved

4. Change the rules

5. Build a deeper connection with your condo community

You will learn new things about finances, maintenance, and human connections. You’ll get to see all of the parts that keep a condo corporation in good working order, and you’ll get the opportunity to make a difference for your community.

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