Time for Spring Maintenance…..

Inspect and Clean Everything!

Outside: Maintenance responsibilities vary by association. The majority of exterior maintenance of your condominium is most likely the responsibility of your association but there are things that you as an owner can do. 

Check the Roof: survey the shingles making sure each is intact and showing no signs of chips or dents; check for membrane splits, odd water pools or damage to roof as well as chimneys and skylights. Consider a Chimney cleaning to look for leaking or damaged areas.

Clear the Gutters

Spring is a great time to give a building a painting“facelift” Chipped, cracked or peeling paint not only cheapens the look of a property, if severe enough, can lead to home insulation issues, which creates higher heating and cooling costs.

Clean the windows and check for any leaks outside and owners can check inside

Check Sidewalks, Exterior Stairs and Ramp Conditions

Conduct Deck or Porch Repairs: sealcoat where needed

Test the sprinkler system: check for leaks, rust and proper spray patterns.

Fix any lawn patches, aerate and fertilize

Inside:again, some will be the association’s responsibility and some will be the owner’s.

Do an Attic Sweep and look for :

  • Wood or beam damage, especially from roof leaks
  • Signs of infestations: many insects and rodents nest into buildings during the winter, looking for places to escape the cold and lay their eggs
  • Mold or mildew formations, which in most cases will appear as black stains or splotches on wooden beams or in attic corners

Keep systems and appliances working properly by:

  • Testing both fire and carbon monoxide detectors (owners)
  • Checking both building and unit thermostats
  • Cleaning vents (dryers, bathrooms, and ranges) (owners)
  • Replacing filters (owners)
  • Cleaning out the air conditioning coils and drain pans
  • Replace any damaged screens.

Schedule HVAC system duct cleaning and pool service.

Clean the registers, filters and remove dirt, dust and debris from on-site laundry and gym facilities and don’t forget to clean the carpets!

Prevent Pest Infestation: controlling pests demands an immediate response to any report of cockroaches, bed bugs or termites.

Check Basement Ventilation: mechanical fans, filters, ducts

Conduct Pipe Maintenance: check for cracks, dents or bulges in pipes. Check pipe seams for any possible leaks or improperly sealed pipelines as well as well-connected pipes and hoses. Sweaty pipes show temperature changes between pipes and the surrounding air that could indicate humidity or ventilation problems.

Check Water heaters: for loud noises; water coming out of the heater: dirty/smelly; not hot enough/too hot or the flow is not strong enough. 

Check with your condo association and property management to see what you are responsible for as an owner to ensure proper maintenance is conducted accordingly.

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